Join a community of female breadwinners who are changing the narrative.

The vision behind WEVVO is to enable female breadwinners to thrive.

We’re creating a community-based platform to support these female breadwinners to thrive.

Our Mission

In the low-income bracket in Africa, over 80% of women are the sole breadwinners through trading, farming and creative works. In Nigeria alone, 21.1% of households are female led.

More women are fast becoming the main breadwinners for their households, yet the society and investment space have not recognised the contribution of these women, by deliberately increasing investment into their businesses. A lot of these women require adequate knowledge, micro-loans & investment to expand their businesses and careers and a community to encourage and enable them thrive.

WEVVO provides access to finance, business capacity, trainings, mentorship and a community for these single female breadwinners in Nigeria. We are creating a community-based platform to be able to support these single female breadwinners to thrive in their businesses and careers.

WEVVO Community

Through a series of events, webinars, podcasts, blogs, articles and more, we spur conversations towards changing the narrative of  female breadwinners.

WEVVO Academy

With a blend of in-house curriculum and a partnership with educational institutions, we offer a range of online and in-person courses and trainings to the women in the community.

WEVVO Marketplace

Through partnerships, We offer a range of financial services, community inventory and provide a marketplace for partners offering relevant products and services.

Our Achievements

We are dedicated to improving the lives of female breadwinners in Nigeria. Here’s the progress we’ve made since we started working.









Awards received

WEVVO will support 1 Million Female breadwinners by 2025.

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Divorced Women

Six percent of African women above the age of 14 are divorcees.

Single Mums

Over 20% of mothers in Nigeria are single moms.

Sibling Breadwinners

There's a growing number of orphaned female breadwinners in Nigeria.


About 9 percent of Nigerian women are widows.

Founder's Vision

I got married at 24, gave birth to my beautiful daughter at 25, and became a female breadwinner at 26. An incredible 2 years filled with mixed memories but has become a major part of my story of change.

A few years after those two years were tough but I was privileged to have my family support and some finance that kept me going. Being a single mum is not something anyone plans for. I had to grow up quickly to take care of my child, find myself and face the stigmatization that comes with being divorced in our society.

Women struggle in many ways, and for us female breadwinners it’s worse – it’s a full circle of negligence and lack of appreciation for the struggles we go through. I have seen several times how narratives have put women in boxes, this single story has created a gap in women’s careers and businesses.

I have been lucky in my journey with the help of friends, family and mentors who have shown up for me when I couldn’t and taught me to connect my dots and live continuously with curiosity but I’m not oblivious to the fact that only a negligible amount of women have the kind of support that I have.

Through my journey, I have become more open to seeing beyond the narrative, being kind to women like me and being of a generous spirit. In being and doing, it is important that we create opportunities for ourselves and a safe space where we can support and encourage each other to thrive.

This is my hope and aspiration for WEVVO.



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