RECAP – Caring For Your Kids After A Divorce/Loss Of A Spouse With Agatha Asha .

On the 13th of February, 2022, Wevvo community organized a heart to heart talk session for all the women in the community in order to help them carry on after a divorce or loss of a spouse considering the effect that such incidences might have on both the mother and the children.

Our facilitator spoke about women having the right mindset and not allowing past experiences affect their current lives or define them, In her words ” there’s no manual in raising kids” and “also wallowing in a past experience will rub off on the kids”.

A few points that were shared at the session include:

  • Having the right mindset.
  • Don’t come out being unsure/apologetic, this has a way of affecting the kids especially. As a mother have goals and visions that will direct your life and that of your kids.
  • Your kids should be your best friends/they need to know they are your priority and they come first before anyone else.
  • There should be a defined boundary  between a mother and her kids (your kids should not take you for granted).


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